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Finding Your Perfect Customer Template (B2B) - Haloway Consulting

Finding Your Perfect Customer Template (B2B)


Before you invest more money and time on marketing activities that don’t work out, build a rock-solid customer persona. *FREE* templates come in two versions: business-to-consumer (B2C) customer persona template or the business-to-business (B2B) customer persona template. Download includes a detailed example for each version. This is the B2B set.


Master the art of building customer personas the Marketing Mevyn way.

Take your marketing game to a higher level with a killer, industrial-strength customer persona/avatar. Before you can successfully craft the right marketing messages and activities to attract business and close sales, you need to know who is your ideal target market. That’s why your completed customer persona comes in so handy.

Why is a customer persona so important?

A customer persona or customer avatar is a concise but fictitious description of your customer. It represents a group of real customers, in terms of their wants, needs and personal characteristics. You may have several customer personas to represent different customer segments. Think of your customer persona as a “stand-in” for your real customer.

Customer personas are so important that the Marketing Mevyn has built sets of FREE customer persona templates to help you get these built before you waste any more of your precious time and money on marketing to the wrong audience. Yes, a good persona takes a little time and effort to build, but the payback is priceless.

This set includes the examples and templates you need to build a detailed, professional-grade business-to-business (B2B) customer persona.