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About - Haloway Consulting

I’m Maja Haloway, Chief Marketing Mevyn, CEO and founder of Haloway Consulting. I am a branding & marketing expert who is fiercely dedicated to helping you build great branding and strong marketing programs for results that matter.

Here's what I know

When you are struggling with your marketing and hate it, you think that everyone else has it all figured out.

Take it from me. They don't.

That's what I know to be true. Here's what else I know—about you... 

3 things I already know about you

  1. You’re not a happy camper with your current marketing efforts.
  2. You don’t know what part is working and what part isn’t. As the advertising legend John Wanamaker once quipped, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”
  3. You don’t want to go back to school to earn a marketing MBA. Which, by the way, would not be a good investment if you are not planning on becoming a professional marketing expert.

I know what you don't want.

  • You don't want marketing that is complicated, difficult or scammy. 
  • You really don’t want to take on another demanding job doing marketing on top of your already-busy work schedule.
  • You don’t want to spend a ton of money when you aren’t sure if and when you’ll get it back.

I know what you want.

  • You want to get crystal-clear on whom, what, where and how you should be spending your marketing time and energy to maximize your profitability and your impact.
  • Clients that you actually like. Hint: Read "The Pumpkin Plan' to learn how to ditch the ones you hate and find ones you love. I wish I had written this book!

It's hard to find stuff that works.

  • Marketing strategy. Tools. A way to get your marketing moving forward in a positive direction. You've wasted a lot of time and even money kicking tires on things that don't work. 
  • Content and marketing activities that connect you to wonderful clients. A easy-to-manage way to stay in touch with them regularly. 
  • Support and maybe even some minions to delegate the tasks that you hate doing. As Sandra Yancey says, "Do it, ditch it or delegate it." Life is too short to be stuck in marketing hell.

You want to find a magic marketing wand or silver bullet.

Sorry, can’t help you with this one. Those don’t exist. I am also constantly bombarded by people insisting that they have the latest and greatest FaceBook ad revenue generator, drip campaign formula, the mother of all SEO strategies, and the list goes on and on.

There is one kind of ‘miracle’ that really works. Building your own customized roadmap and a simple, integrated plan to put the marketing strategies and tactics in place that actually work for you. And then sticking to it one small step at a time. Your plan may use any of the above ‘silver bullets’—it’s all about getting the right mix and working your plan.

You want to enjoy and not hate your marketing efforts.

You wish you never had to do any marketing? Many people feel that way. It’s not a natural activity, especially for introverts. I have crafted a guide to help people (both introverts and extroverts) identify what marketing channels and tactics might be a good fit for them.

It’s called ‘The Marketing Mevyn's Guide to Discovering Your Marketing Type.’  It's based on Meyers-Briggs profiles. Get it for FREE in the shop. I believe in the right to doing marketing that makes you and your customers happy.

My philosophy

Marketing shouldn't be scary, difficult or scammy—in fact, good marketing is the opposite. It is the lifeblood of your business. It connects you to the loyal clients or customers who appreciate what you provide, the ones love working with. Business owners should be able to take their business to the next level with well-run marketing that doesn't cost them an arm and a leg. We all have the right to the pursuit of happiness. I believe you deserve the right tools, processes and resources to be successful while you are in hot pursuit.


What I do

At Haloway Consulting, I help businesses quickly and easily identify and fix the branding and marketing problems that cause disappointing results.

Over the years, I've helped hundreds of clients learn how to build bullet-proof branding and well-run, sustainable and productive marketing that helps them:

  • Attract new, profitable customers
  • Keep the customers they love and turn them into brand champions
  • Generate sales revenue that powers real growth
  • To find and pounce on opportunities immediately—AND—beat their competitors to the punch

Street creds & expertise

  • Over 10 years of award-winning branding and marketing experience at Fortune 100 companies, building and running global product launches and marketing campaigns
  • Decades of experience growing successful marketing and creative teams, helping companies grow from thousands to millions in revenue
  • Decades of practical know-how in developing partner and networking ecosystems to accelerate market share and revenue growth
  • Marketing awards for product launches, social media & customer case studies
  • Certified StoryBrand™ Guide