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HC Home - Haloway Consulting

Put your marketing on the road to success.

Many businesses suffer from ineffective branding and marketing that doesn’t deliver

You want marketing that creates real revenue and growth instead of disappointment and stress.

Avoid gridlock & unplanned-for disasters.
Build your business growth and momentum with on-target marketing instead.

Get off the hit-and-miss marketing highway to hell:

  • You don't know what part of your flabby, out-of-shape marketing routine is working or not.
  • You are spending your life duct-taping and coat-hangering together broken, dysfunctional marketing tools and/or processes when you have more important stuff to do.
  • You keep missing important opportunities, or your competitors are stealing your lunch. The hamster wheel just keeps turning faster and faster. 

Take the first step to marketing with confidence. 

If any of these challenges sound too familiar, we need to talk. Seriously. Before you and your business crash and hit the end of the road. At Haloway Consulting, I help businesses identify marketing opportunities that play to your strengths and boost your bottom line, and fix the branding and marketing problems that are causing your disappointing results and sleepless nights.

Build your marketing muscles and hit your marketing goals with ease and confidence.

Find the customers who really love you.

Create the messaging and branding to attract the customers who truly value what you have to offer and are willing to pay you what you are worth. And finally drop the duds and schmucks who don’t love you back.

Hit the moon or stars or whatever goals you set.

Grow your market share, outfox your competitors and bask in your success with strategic, proven marketing that resonates and aligns with who you are.

Get real traction and burn rubber.

Achieve real returns on your marketing investments. Build increased sales revenue and customer growth driven by your customized and highly intelligent marketing fitness program. (That is your goal, yes? Or would you rather run an expensive hobby?)

Find your happy.

Reclaim time and energy to focus on your most important business priorities. Ditch time-wasting marketing that doesn’t generate measurable returns. Learn how to enjoy your evenings, weekends and vacations again.


"I spent thousands of dollars on my marketing, and after 5 ½ years being in business, my marketing, my website and my business cards were embarrassing. And then I met Maja. She listened to me. We sat down and developed a three-year strategy in just a few hours. We worked on my business logo, the website and everything. I have had a total turn-around in my marketing. She is someone who continues to support me as the marketing person who holds me accountable to get my business launched and look like it needs to look professionally. Maja is a top-notch marketing professional who does it all—from strategy to tactics.”

Jennie L. Mitchell, CEO & Founder of Leadership Advising LLC


I help my clients assess what’s working and what needs to be ditched or delegated by applying lots of tough love and marketing moxie to help them get over it. They get crystal-clear on who are their best target audiences to eliminate dating those heart-breaking serial two-timers,  no-good slimeballs and high maintenance drama queens. Then I help them create and unleash the right messaging and branding like a high-frequency tuning fork to attract the true-blue, loyal clients who are right for them.

We work on building simple, scalable and repeatable processes that they can implement one small, totally do-able step at a time. They learn how to build and do marketing activities they enjoy and that really work for them—while achieving powerful, measurable results. Think of me as your essential road guide and marketing fitness trainer to get your business moving forward with confidence.

Quit spinning your wheels or taking expensive, time-wasting detours

Here’s why you should never do marketing without clear messaging and a plan that fits you like your favorite workout or road-trip gear:

  • Ineffective marketing is costing you lost business opportunities, sales, revenue and business growth because of paralysis, confusion or expensive mistakes.
  • Marketing campaigns or product launches that perform poorly create serious recovery problems and make successful company growth next to impossible.
  • Competitors will take advantage of you to steal customers, market share and revenue.

Hit your business goals through clear branding & effective marketing

Take control

Get crystal clear on your branding and marketing strategies. Take charge of your marketing road map and action plan so you’ll stay focused on reaching your goals no matter what Murphy throws at you.

Eliminate expensive mistakes

With a sound strategy and execution plan, you’re setting your marketing up for success, not failure. You'll better understand what will help you become rockstar successful, what is definitely not your cup of tea or draft brew, so you can proceed to infinity and beyond.

You + your marketing fitness plan = unstoppable confidence & success

Speed up success

Find your marketing compass and secret roadmap to faster, more successful activities that drive better revenue numbers. You’ll sleep better at night.

Your path to branding & marketing success

I start by assessing your most critical challenges. Then we build the branding and business roadmap that identifies your business goals and ultimate (or penultimate – life has an unplanned way of twisting and turning) destination. Next, we design, assemble and test necessary components of your customized fitness plan that will whip your marketing into shape and help you avoid evil potholes, obstacles and detours on the way to your desired endpoint.

Here's how i work with you:

1. Assess your current situation.

Learn about your needs, challenges and goals. Evaluate what’s working and what you need to ditch or delegate. As Dr. Phil says, “How’s that working for you?”

2. Build a plan.

Review your best-fitting options and prioritize recommendations to build a customized, scalable and measurable marketing fitness plan to reach your goals.

3. Hit the road.

Consistently implement branding and marketing for maximum impact. Use your roadmap to keep your marketing activities on track.

4. Wash, rinse & repeat.

Evaluate your marketing fitness progress. Make ongoing adjustments as needed. Replicate, scale and measure to accelerate your growth with confidence.

Why I am not your momma's 'Mad Men' marketer

Mostly because I don't have the time or patience for flash-in-the-pan marketing that doesn’t work or kinda-sorta works. Meh. I am highly immune to 'smoke and mirror' marketing tricks, because I am a trained marketing samurai and I know how they [don't] work. I also believe in living and working in integrity. Marketing has a bad rap because of people who want to make a quick buck off someone else's lack of knowledge. I'm about openly sharing what I have learned and providing thoughtful feedback.

At Haloway Consulting, I know that you want to be a confident, successful business leader who hits your goals. In order to do that, you need a clear marketing roadmap and a plan to get there. There are many challenges you need to solve for marketing success. You may be talking to the completely wrong audience for your products and services. Your marketing efforts might not be hitting on all cylinders, or you spend too much time limping along trying to get outdated or broken tools and processes duct-taped together. Or maybe your roadmap has gaps, leading you to dead-ends or expensive, non-productive detours. Or you could be dealing with a wimpy or outgrown marketing plan that doesn’t work how you like to work.

I get how frustrating and difficult marketing can be. I believe that marketing shouldn’t be hard. Business owners should be able to hit their marketing and sales goals through simple and effective marketing programs without being overwhelmed. You deserve the right tools, processes and resources to market successfully.

I have been through this disappointing experience many times, having learned the hard way how to build the right branding and marketing toolbox to achieve real results. This is why I am taking decades of experience from startups to Fortune 100 giants, so I can help businesses like yours build a marketing roadmap and plan that help you grow, your way.

Here's how it works:

  1. Take the first step. Call or email now. Set up your free 45-minute phone session or in-person coffee date to figure out what kind of marketing will work best for you and your business. Or drop in on our local weekly Portland marketing meetup—another way to score some very practical, free advice. Go out for a test drive, kick the tires, peek under the hood.
  2. Hire me as your guide. I will help you assess your options and build a roadmap and a marketing fitness plan that you can run with. I have three options for working with me—you pick which option works best for you.
  3. Move your business forward with confidence. Succeed in achieving your marketing goals and growing your business. You get to do the fun stuff on your bucket list, take an amazing vacation or have weekend time off to just chill and recharge your batteries.

Call or email now. 

Set up your free 45-minute phone session or in-person coffee date.

Check out the resource library.

Download and test drive some fun and highly tactical guides and tools. Start building your marketing muscle by eliminating the expensive branding and marketing mistakes that are costing you customers and revenue.